Ear Split!!

By chirag
In Artists
Sep 28th, 2010

Ear splitEar Split is a 4 piece grunge metal band formed a lil over an year ago in shimla,started without drums n a percussionist..
They are awesome in covering stuff..haven’t herd much of originals but maybe they are waiting for the right time.

Headed by Abhishek Nullifeid deadlock(I guess that cause of his hair and guess thats his power) the lead guitarist the band covers mostly metallica and popular metal.

Band Members-

Abhishek – Lead vocalz/gUiTaRZ
HaRiAnSh – GrowL VoCaLz/GuiTaRz.
KaMaL – DrUmZ
AnShUL – BaSs

Here are some of their covered numbers..

the day that never comes (You Tube)

Mater of Puppets (You Tube)