Ex-Eagles guitarist to release “Road to Forever”

By chirag
In Artists
Aug 6th, 2012

After the very successful Eagles albumĀ  “Long road out of Eden”, ex guitarist Don Felder (who didn’t contribute to the album, by the way) ex-Guitarist for Eagles is coming up with the second solo album of his career titled “Road to Forever”.

Don was fired from the band in the early 2000’s and that scene got pretty ugly, with multiple lawsuits being filed by either party, a long running dispute which was then settled in an out of court agreement for an undisclosed amount.

A great example of his compositional skills is the Eagles’ track “New Kid in Town”, a song with music written exclusively by Felder. The song went on to be their third No.1 single.


The new album,though, is set on theĀ  theme of life’s ups and downs, and has a sound based in the ever so great sounding LA rock theme that he’d been working with for decades, with The Eagles. He’s also written a book about his experiences “Heaven and Hell: My Life in the Eagles (1974-2001).”

It’s often ugly when musicians split up, but it seems Don’s seen his fair share, which should make this a heartfelt record.

The album is expected to be out in Early october.