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Oct 5th, 2010

Some people like heavy. Some people like soft. Some people like Metal, Some people like jazz.



Opeth is a Swedish heavy metal band from Stockholm.

Fancy this: a hint of DARKNESS, some great sounding acoustic guitars, some great vocals, a ¬†powerful bass sound giving the music a ‘fullness’ and a sudden transformation into downright death metal with the energy equivalent of an atomic bomb and then back into acoustic mode. Opeth weren’t fooling around when they said they’ll play however they want to, whenever they want to. They were making a statement.

Odd song lengths varying vastly from less than a minute(Prologue) to more than 20 minutes (Black rose immortal) Including everything from jazz to death metal to perfect proportion in almost all their songs, they don’t mind doing completely ‘clean’ songs, but almost all their heavier songs ranging from the relatively harmless to the corrosive death metal ones have multiple ‘soft parts’ where acoustic guitar/piano is the dominating instrument.

In the words of founding member and Songwriter Mikael Afderkaft,

“I don’t see the point of playing in a band and going just one way when you can do everything. It would be impossible for us to play just death metal; that is our roots, but we are now a mishmash of everything, and not purists to any form of music. It’s impossible for us to do that, and quite frankly I would think of it as boring to be in a band that plays just metal music. We’re not afraid to experiment, or to be caught with our pants down, so to speak. That’s what keeps us going.”

Opeth has recently seen a massive underground fanbase developing all over the world, and their refusal to limit themselves to death metal has gained them a deep respect from musicians all over the world.

Death metal or not, every single Opeth track is bound to take you on a journey into the unknown, and that’s a guarantee!

Check out one of the classics:

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