Slash does it again with Apocalyptic Love

By chirag
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May 23rd, 2012

Slash’s Latest, greatest album!

When Slash launched his original début album more than two years ago, he had a plethora of the industry’s highest rated vocalists collaborate with him, ranging from (But not limited to ) Ozzy(on Crucify the dead) to Fergie (Beautiful dangerous) to Dave Grohl (Watch this) to Lemmy Kilmister (Doctor), and to one Mr. Myles Kennedy (Starlight, Back from Cali). When he started to tour in support of the album, Kennedy’s legendary voice and ability to adapt to any musical situation gelled so well with Slash, that he decided to do a full length album with him!

Apocalyptic love is out [May 22nd 2012] and doesn’t disappoint at all. The first track in the album is the title track, and starts off with a gut busting wah wah riff  and Myles  seems to be singing his heart out to this VERY melodic number. This eventually transcends  into an almost mellow sounding transformation with his massive range speaking volumes about why slash stuck to one vocalist for the entire album!


“One last thrill” is faster heavier and reckless-sounding, and lyrically seems to be infused with memories of Kennedy’s long gone drug escapades. Standing in the sun is typical slash, The solo is pretty intense too, and the chorus is just tasty!

Badassedness seeps through every note of  “You’re a lie” with a pretty heavy bassline and Myles’ angry voice soaring above everything else, with his screams on “LIE!!!” adding much to the intensity of the music. “No more Heroes” features a pretty great  guitar line played along with the verse, reminiscent  of the Estranged era, although the solo is fresh sounding. “Halo” has a great sounding intro, and a solo laden with pinch harmonics and a flurry of notes right after. “We will Roam” features some pretty tight drumming and a sweet sounding outro.


“Anastasia” is special. The intro begins with an acoustic guitar on rhythms followed immediately by a classical sounding solo, and then back to the baddass rock ‘n’ roll that slash is notoriously famous for. This is one of my favourite tracks off the album, and is well worth the liking. It’s a special treat for guitar players to listen to, the solos, the chorus, the melody.. It’s PERFECT!

“Not for me” is track number 9, and is one of the softer and slower numbers of the lot. The lyrics sound heartfelt and fit perfectly with the ambience of the music. The solo on “Bad Rain” has Slash’s foot back on the Wah-wah, and is laden with fun sounding riffs before and after(the solo).”Hard and fast” is exactly that, hard and fast! It starts off with massive sounding controlled feedback, the last time I had heard Slash doing this was also back in “estranged”!


“Far and away” is the soulful number from Apocalyptic Love much like “Gotten” was to his Début album. It makes for some easy listening, keep the lighters handy while you check this out! “Shots fired” has some of the heaviness back again, and great vocals contributing to one hell of a  memorable chorus.

Overall, the album is pretty great sounding though the solos could’ve used a bit more volume. If you weren’t a Myles Kennedy fan before this album, you will be when you hear these songs. The overall feel of the album is heavy and a clear indication that Slash’s career is peaking again.