Updating partition details-Failed TWRP FIX android Xperia

This applies to my custom Android ROM on Sony Xperia S (Nozomi), more specifically the Xperia SL model or Nozomi-2. Sony continues to be a bitch about new updates. The process should be similar for other devices.

The problem with My android

I found the error when I was trying to install a newer generation ROM, a Kitkat port.
The process was the same as it had been a million times before, but this time TWRP stopped letting me install said ROM and I later discovered that it wouldn’t let me install any other ROM either. I happened to have a huge list of ROMS in my internal memory, and it allowed me to only successfully install the one I already had loaded up, a “slim” port that I quite liked when it came out more than a year ago. No good.

I figured out there was something wrong with TWRP because I hadn’t encountered this problem before. I’ve always had a bad feeling every time I loaded up TWRP and this time it was a nightmare in action. I decided to get rid of it but sadly there isn’t an official image for CWM that I could just load up through fastboot, the custom port of cwm for Nozomi just wouldn’t work, I was getting a 404 http error on the page that was supposed to hold my CWM. Upon googling a bit more, I came across a page that said

The TWRP custom recovery is recommended over CWM recoveries because of various reasons.

Now that may be, but TWRP really wasn’t helping in this case. After wasting a few hours and having to learn how to actually use ADB and fastboot on MAC, I tried pushing the latest TWRP to the phone but I kept getting an error (Partition Recovery does not exist!). I figured my best bet would be to install a kernel that came with a CWM recovery. I found the said kernel’s link here which I pushed into the phone using fastboot(refer to fastboot link above).  Having read the article preaching TWRP, I was a bit skeptical installing the CWM+Kernel but my risk paid off when the install came through clean. First thing I did was install kitkat using this gentleman’s link and the installation went like a breeze, no trouble whatsoever.With this ROM, I had an issue that the keyboard was not loading, but I just installed a keyboard app that I had lying around in my internal memory and then it started showing up.

I think TWRP may be a great bit of code-poetry but it’s bollocks when it comes to the Xperia S/SL, which is a forgotten series of bullshit phones anyways.
Android on Xperia SL/NOZOMI2

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