Suzuki Wagon-R in india Yay or nay?

The WagonR is one vehicle which has always earned split opinions. People either really love it, or they really hate it. Behind it’s asian-ish boxy looks however, is a warm hearted comfy little car that is so underrated, people in other countries will likely laugh at you if you tell them you’d wish to have one!

In India though, it fits.


In a nation where the small Nano has succeeded as a family car, the WagonR was saved from brutal judgement against it’s outer appearance, bringing the focus back to the basics.

But is it an effective hatch back?

Technology and styling wise, Maruti Suzuki had barely been able to keep it specced up to it’s competition,but then it launched the Stingray.  Sadly,that too  shared the same curse as the WagonR itself, it’s either really loved or really hated. Don’t be put off by other people’s opinions though… If it works for you, then it’s the one for you.

There’s something about this car though, that makes it adored by the owners it has.

Bearing a Maruti Suzuki Badge, it’s no exception to their heritage of producing reliable cars. Stock cars aren’t rally spec obviously, so if you do manage to break it, spare parts are available practically everywhere in the country.

Dimensions and Specs: Few small cars are designed around tall people, and this feels like it was. If you’re more than 6’5 though, the car might attempt to ruin your hairstyle over bumps. The suspension is pretty basic, perhaps that’s what helps keep the car affordable.

The original wagonR had a small but capable 1100cc 16 valve engine that pumped out 64 bhp, and the new one has an even smaller one that somehow produces 67 bhp using all its 1000cc. That’s 3 more!  The turning radius is so small, that the steering is ridiculously light and potent. That makes the WagonR a joyous little city car as well, and the incredible power steering can be used with a pinky even when parking.

Chirag is a Media Technologist Originally from the Himalayan region of Shimla (India). He holds a MSc in “Medientechnologie” from the German University TU-Ilmenau, and a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering.
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