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The Volvo XC 60 Review

Let’s say you have half a crore to spare, an enthusiastic heart to chase adventure and a void that you feel like filling with a Crosover SUV. Is the Volvo XC 60 the machine for you? Let’s Find out!

volvo xc 60 trf

When I first saw the car,  I didn’t know what to expect considering the price range.  Afterall, a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport comes at ~24 Lakhs, the Toyota Fortuner comes at 23 Lakhs, (both more or less half the price of a brand new XC60), and these are the time tested road going offroaders commonly found in India.

The price bracket, however, puts it in competition with the Audi Q5 (45-58Lakhs INR) and the BMW X3(48-55Lakhs INR).

This called for a RoadTest, an opportunity I got through Volvo XC Adventure.

Here’s what was found:

Overall Feel & Interiors

The engine is really loud outside the cabin.  It’s annoying even. Inside is a quieter place, with lush surroundings and comfortable seats. The build quality of the dashboard is really great and has a smooth texture to it, it’s well made. The central console has a myriad of buttons. The steering wheel is smart and feature laden. It controls the music system as well as the internal menu system that displays on the central screen as well as the display unit behind the steering wheel. Surprise surprise, it doesn’t come with GPS. The controls are a bit confusing too, some functions operate with the scroller mounted on the steering wheel, others just don’t. It takes a while to get the hang of it, and you might just give up before you ever get used to it.Having a teenager at home to explain it all might be handy! The car comes with an Automatic Gearbox which is quite sluggish to be honest. However, the gear changes are really really smooth and if you also drive a manual, you’re going to have a tough time getting accustomed to a lever again. The XC60 has pedal shifts that come in handy in situations when you want to overtake or have some plain old fashioned fun. however, shifts are slow and the feeling of immediacy barely comes to you.

Picture: The Center console in the US model. Same in India.

gear lever xc 60Strangely, the letters on the Gear lever for the auto gearbox look like
they would be illuminated, but they aren’t. There is a thin beam of light that falls upon it from the lights unit on the roof, but the slight feeling of incompleteness comes in from time to time. However, there is an indication of gear mode on the right side of the display, which saves the day.

The active bending lights are a nice touch too, illuminating the road along the bend as you drive is definitely a welcome feature.They’re completely automatic as well, lights xc 60meaning they detect when evening kicks in, and activate themselves when it gets dark. The boot opens and closes hydraulically, but you might want to give it a push if you’re transporting pillows or bags that are sticking out a bit, the hydraulics won’t close it if there’s the slightest obstruction.

The car is available in a variety of colours and our pick of the litter for the best interiors would be the black and the blue.  It’s a pretty looking car this, styled in the modern-ish way that would give the BMW X3 a run for its money.

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