The Ducati 848 EVO-By Probal Sen

“EVO” stands for Evolution. This bike, the Ducati 848 EVO, is stupendous. I have owned it for a while now and even though Ducati has replaced it with the 899 Panigale, this one holds a special place in my heart.

Photo: Shreya Gamit
Probal on his Ducati 848 Evo | Photo: Shreya Gamit

The EVO has the pedigree of a pure bred racer, and is different from the original 848, in that it has a few minor engine tweaks, a varied damper mount for the steering etc. It produces about 16 more horsepower than the Ducati 916, which gives it the competitive edge over it.

It’s a track bike, the seating posture is such that it demands full focus on the road and nothing else, which makes it a uncomfortable for much else. Long tours are quire a pain in this, so I prefer to take it out on the weekends for a quick sprint with my buddies.

For Street riding, it’s very unconventional and because it requires a lot of weight shifting for steering, you find your own rear end dancing from left to right quite a bit :p  It requires you to lean forwards with your chest resting upon the tank, which makes it difficult for everyday use.

The best thing about this bike though, is the beauty. Because of its sharp looks, you get a lot of attention while riding around town. The upgraded 899 Panigale however, is something even more of a dream, one of the sexiest looking bikes in the world, waiting for its release in India!


On behalf of my partner in automotive crime:@Probal Sen

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