Juno processed images of Jupiter

I decided to use NASA’s most recent batch of images relayed back from Juno a couple of hours ago.
It must be said that it’s really cool that this kind of data is made available in the public domain. That allows space science to be more readily accessible by people who don’t directly work at NASA, and allows us to cut through the red tape that would ordinarily be required to access this data.
Here’s the latest image I’ve developed, and it highlights the Great Red Spot, a storm so large it could swallow Earth, that has been going for centuries. Kind of puts things in perspective doesn’t it?


Latest Jupiter Image, Great Red Spot (Processed) by Chirag Saraswati


It’s quite difficult to imagine what Jupiter is like. The colors, the sheer size, the ferocity and the sudden scaling up of everything, as compared to our personal rock in the sky. So here is another attempt at an earthly version of what perhaps Jupitarian weather would look like, if it were to happen at this neck of the woods. Perhaps a huge Haboob?

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