Portable Media Players’s For Everyone.

By chirag
In tech
Aug 19th, 2011

The first question that strikes everyone while talking about PMP’s (Personal Media Players) or simply dedicated music players is “What’s the point of having a dedicated music player?? ” as these days, our smartphones can do everything. They organize our schedules, deliver important emails, take great pictures and videos, play games and movies, browse the web, and even control R/C quadcopters. 😉


But here are the reasons that whyI still use a dedicated music player instead of having a smartphone always in  my pocket 🙂


Firstly and the most importantlyt,My iPod quite simply has better sound quality than my smartphone. Now, I am no audiophile, so I don’t know how it works, but I can tell a difference between the sound from my smartphone and the sound from the iPod. Perhaps it has something to do with all the extra electronics and radios in the smartphone, or maybe its all in my head.If you are a music freak you need to have a music player to live the music to the max !


iPod Touch 4 is significantly thinner than the iphone 4

Secondly,it is much more portable than a smartphone. Sure, smartphones are pretty small and light, but as you can see in the above photo iPhone 4 is nowhere near as small as my ipod Touch 4. Also, when running or biking with a smartphone in your pocket, the weight is constantly noticeable and as a result is quite annoying. With the media player, you can hardly tell they are there at all.

Of course, smartphones do have their advantages as audio players. Primarily, I find that they are much better for listening to podcasts than MP3 players, because they can download the episodes themselves and do not need to be synced with a computer.



Lets scroll through the best(Category wise) PMP’s in the market :


1. Sony X-Series Walkman – best for sound quality (From Rs 15000)
Sony’s attempt to get back on top of the portable music player pile, the X-Series Walkman has a three-inch OLED touchscreen that’s as stunning to look at as it is to use. Available in 16GB or 32GB flavours it’s plenty big enough for hearty music collections and, as you’d expect from Sony, its sound kicks rivals’ posteriors into next week. The built-in noise-cancellation is a boon, shame it’ll only work with Sony cans. But it’s got plenty of extras, including the ability to work with BBC iPlayer.


A Brief Video Review :

A 10 min long Review of X-Series Walkman

Just to recap, some of the X-Series’ features include –

  • 3-Inch OLED, 16:9, touchscreen
  • DSEE (Digital Sound Enhancement Engine)
  • Wi-FI capabilities for YouTube connectivity and downloading Podcasts
  • A Web Browser
  • Flick control for viewing images
 What really has me worried is the pricing which is – Rs. 15, 378 ($308) and Rs. 20, 321 ($407) respectively.
But if you are an audiophile and the only thing that matters to you is the sound quality then you DEFINITELY deserve a X-Series 😀
2. Apple iPod Touch – best all-rounder (From Rs. 12,500)

iPod Touch 4

The iPod Touch is the best iPod yet, offering all the fun of the iPhone experience without a carrier contract or monthly bill.
The fourth generation of Apple’s iPod Touch offers nothing but improvements, including an HD camcorder, front-facing camera, integrated microphone, FaceTime video calling, Retina Display, gyroscope sensor, and a slimmer, lighter design.
Here’s a Video review :

Pros: + Display is brilliant
+ Speed of the processor amazing
+ Video quality is very much enjoyable
+ Rear camera is excellent
+ Internet browsing loads super fast

Cons: – No in-line microphone on the earbuds
– Dock connector doesn’t sit flush with the device
– Speaker gets blocked easily

Summary: Alright, so MusicWorld got the 8GB iPod Touch 4G in stock so I drove an hour to go get one. I was not disappointed. I will run through the features I have come across so far.



3. Cowon iAudio S9 – best for OLED on a budget (From Rs. 18,000)

The COWON S9 is a new slick player from iAudio. It’s the first player after the Apple iPod, or should I say the next device after the iPod/iPhone that has a capacitive screen. Other than the AMOLED screen, the player also boasts of a sleek design that is aesthetically pleasing  to hold and use.

So sleek So, SEXY!!


With its stylish, curved-back ergonomic design, the 32 GB Cowon S9 video MP3 player is quite the eye-catcher, and the perfect way to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, photos, and music on the go. With the S9 resting comfortably in your hand, you’ll enjoy a vibrant 3.3-inch widescreen touchscreen display, Bluetooth support for wireless devices, a voice recorder with built-in microphone, FM radio/recorder, and plenty more, proving that the S9’s beauty is way more than skin deep.
* 32 GB capacity for about8,000 songs
* 55 hours of audio or 11 hours of video on a single charge
* 3.3-inch, 16-million color AMOLED display with 480 x 272 pixel resolution
* Supports MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, WAV, and APE audio formats; AVI and WMV video formats; JPEG image formats.



4. Archos 5 – best for capacity (Rs.30,000)


Blowing its rivals out the water (in a capacity sense at least), the Archos 5 has a whopping 250GB hard drive that will hold 300 movies (or one Kevin Costner epic), 145,000 songs or literally millions of photos. The sizeable 4.8-inch touchscreen is a breeze to use too, although not as user-friendly as the Touch, but its size makes watching movies a much more pleasant than on its rivals. But with that large screen comes a larger weight too, and this tubby PMP tops out the scales at 300g.

Archos 5 is powered by Android


  • Stylish design and great Build quality
  • Brilliant Touch Screen Display
  • Improved new UI
  • Superb Video and Audio playback


  • Low Battery life
  • Codecs cost extra
  • No TV out / FM with addons

Final Words:

The Archos 5 is a huge improvement over the previous Archos PMPs and has many compelling features like excellent touch screen display, UI and video playback going for it. However it also does have its shortcomings – low battery life and the extra cost of certain codecs



Samsung P3 – best for bargain hunters (From Rs.12,000)


Samsung India has officially launched its widescreen portable multimedia player, P3 in the Indian market.
“Whether it’s the P3’s sharp and bright 3-inch touch screen for video and photos or the advanced user interface, consumers will be guaranteed a more personal entertainment experience.” states Mr R Zutshi , Dy Managing Director , Samsung India .

Featuring a 3-inch WQVGA TFT-LCD touch screen, the P3 allows for widescreen enjoyment of video and photos at a 16:9 aspect ratio, without any need for letterboxing. It includes Samsung’s upgraded EmoTure touch interface with true haptic feedback. With every command gesture, from swiping a finger across the screen, to switching audio tracks, to holding down a digital button for fast-forwarding video, the P3 reacts with a variety of physical sensations. The new Music Hot Touch Key, located just below the touch screen, allows users to instantly access favorite music features and selections without needing to cycle through multiple menus.
Have any questions? Feel free to comment! 🙂