Artillerie’s new album “Eradifiled” review

By chirag
In The music
Nov 12th, 2010

Well for me Artillerie’s new album “Eradifiled” was one of the most awaited releases of this year, as I was surprising in love with their previous EP. For those who don’t know, Artillerie is a five-piece band from Delhi playing Trashcore, and have recently released their album “Eradifiled”.

The album starts with a intro track called “The Impelled”, it personally felt like a game intro track, like War Of Ages. And sometimes a viking feel too. The second track on the album is “Phalanx of Chaos”, its most probably the best track of the whole album, and after listening this track we can surely say “It was a kickass start!”. Some kickass strong guitar riffs, powerful drums and vocals with a powerful bassline. The four minute track is surely something worth listening. Comes next is “Temple Of Zeus”, its an another track with a melodic intro, the track later turns into a power metal song or a speed metal song. In this song I was easily able to make out that the vocals are really powerful, and lyrics were actually to be appreciated. And the breakdown in the song was most loved by me in the whole song, solo are melodic, riffs are in variation, drums had a influence of black metal. Up next in the album is “Hate Imbrued”, this song finally had the feeling of a trashcore band, frequent riff changes, fast solo, odd vocals, arabic riffing, made this a bit different song from the whole album. But being the longest song in the album, a lot more was expected from me. “Tormentor”, the next track is another fast track of the album. It was totally a speed metal song, short solo, made the song look good. But according to me, the lyrics could have been better. As the name of the song “Tormentor” suggests, a lot more, and good, could have been written. Next track is “Uninhibited”, it got a kickass riff work, but sometimes the song felt like a metalcore song. Up next on the list is “Lapse”, and shortest song of the album, as well as the slowest song of the album. Its a kind of acoustic song, without vocals. And got some kind of “END GAME” saying at the end of the song. When the next track starts, i.e. “Winter of Silence”, it will kind of give you a sudden shock! It definitely gave me after listening a slow track. This one is a powerful song, it a beautiful, small breakdown. Some real fast solo has given this song a lot of energy.  And here’s the last song, “Life to these Bones”. The starting of the song is pretty fast, got dry riffs, strong drumming, and is a perfect track to end the album.

Over all, this release is one of the best releases of the year. This album is actually kickass! The vocalist is very good at his job, strong growling, the guitarists are awesome, can make some kickass riffs, bassist gives away a strong bass covering to the songs and the drummer is actually strong at his thing if he can play all the songs live. Totally brutal album! This five-piece Delhi based band surely gonna be one of the Best Indian Metal acts in the coming few days. m/

by Samiran Sonowal