The best time to visit shimla!

Shimla. The queen of hills. With its pristine beauty and unpredictable weather, every day is a wonderful surprise. The sun is kind to us, and mostly gentle year round. Temperatures can come down to harsh terms with us around new year’s, but remain a vital characteristic that hold it all together. The culture, the agriculture, and the simple joy of being here.

The hills around shimla Summers 2013
The hills around shimla Summers 2013

Most people prefer shimla in the snow or in the springtime, but I enjoy another shade. Most commonly found right after the hot days of summer, are the rains that bring the temperature back down again. The clouds play their usual tricks and turn daytime almost into nighttime and bleaches the landscapes into a tinge of yellow. It’s a nice change, see!

Shimla in June
Shimla in June 2014
Parimehal in spring

But ofcourse, snow makes everything better (and expensive!)

shimla snowing photo
Chotta shimla Snow
snow shimla photo
The hills of shimla in snow
shimla snow photo
Snowy roads of shimla -4×4 needed!
shimla snowfall photo
Choose the one less travelled by
Shimla snow photo
The charm of hill stations

And the feeling you get when you’re surrounded by so much whiteness is akin to happiness. It induces a state of calmness and fills you with a feeling of being complete. The only way to understand what I’m on about, is to experience it.

shimla snow fall beautiful
Watching the snow fall over you

Chirag is a Media Technologist Originally from the Himalayan region of Shimla (India). He holds a MSc in “Medientechnologie” from the German University TU-Ilmenau, and a bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering.
Passions include drones, cameras, astrophysics, and making life here on planet earth a little bit better.

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