Cute animals in Australia

Cute Animals!

Australia is one of the largest countries of the world, falling sixth between Brazil and India. As such, you’d expect it to be rich in wildlife, and you’d be right!

Being one of the most developed countries in the world, usually the only stray animals you’ll tend to find in major cities/suburbs are Cats. Surprisingly, they typically have a thick coat which should come in handy in the winters.

Although they can sometimes be very naughty, Seagulls are mostly just adorable. There’s even a Bad company song about them!

Check out this Majestic Lizard!

The brush tailed Wallaby is classified as an endangered Species in NSW.

I had the pleasure to find one in the open!

Gorgeous Possum in a resort in Nelson’s Bay NSW

But the Absolute prize goes to the animal with a smile as beautiful as it gets, the Quokka!

There are many great places to witness the sheer beauty of these animals. Australia has an abundance of National Parks and Reserves where many cute animals find shelter against the elements and predators, many marsupials have warmed up to human socialisation but grown up kangaroos are often aggressive.

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